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I think this is possible, but I'm not sure how to do it .... I have related templates - albums.php and tracks.php. This is in the tracks template
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The album release date album_date is set up along with all the other album details and then the tracks are added. Rather than ask the client to input the album date for each track I would like to get that value from album.php and set it up in the background for each track.

Something like this may be the way to go - but it doesn't work
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<cms:related_pages 'tracks_albums' masterpage='albums.php' show_future_entries='1'>
            track_date="<cms:show album_date />"               

Am I barking up the wrong tree?
If your goal is to display album_date for each track in the backend, it is handy to use cms:editable type='message' (unless you want give client a way to change it for a single track).
... my goal is to set up and save the album_date within the tracks.php template, so the client doesn't have to. I need the date within the tracks.php template for sorting the tracks in listings shown on the site.

Ideally when the tracks.php template is 'opened' to set up a track by the client the track_date field would be pre-filled with album_date by its relation to the albums.php template. My client could alter the date if required, but usually it wouldn't need to be.
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