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When I upload an image using CouchCMS 2.0, with the following code:

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<cms:editable type='image' name='portfolio_img' label='Photo' width='1000' enforce_max='1' show_preview='1' preview_width='150'/>

If the image is in Portrait mode (so more height than width), the image is being rotated once uploaded and becomes landscape. But of course, this is causing issues since my client is trying to upload a photo he took with his iPhone, in Portrait mode, and it keeps rotating it for some reasons.

It's all happening in the backend by the way. And once I click save, obviously, the image is being rotated on the front-end too.

I tried with mulitple images, and it's always doing the same thing.

Could it be because I entered "width='1000'" and that if the uploaded image is not wide enough to reach 1000 pixels, the rotates it? I don't know...I'm kind of lost here.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot!

Actually the problem is that Couch does *not* rotate the portraits - it keeps all in landscapes which appears wrong for portraits.

I am afraid but the pictures will need to be pre-processed by the client before uploading as automatic rotating is not available for now.
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