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I've had a site set under maintenance mode where in the config.php file where K_SITE_OFFLINE was set to 1 until the client was ready to go live. Now we've planned a go live for today and even though I've changed K_SITE_OFFLINE to 0, the site is still in maintenance mode! Can someone please help?? I can't go live!

a couple of thoughts ... are you definitely logged in as super admin? Have you tried clearing cache? Or switching off Couch Caching?

Thanks for the quick reply. It's now working okay. I don't know why it didn't update right away. I cleared cache a million times with no success, so then I just deleted the config.php file and the refreshed, then re-uploaded the file and refreshed again and all is well. Not sure if deleting the file and re-uploading it was what fixed it, but that seemed to do the trick. In any case, can you tell me what Couch Caching is and how to switch that off? Thanks!

... glad you got that resolved. Have a look at your config.php file in the Couch folder:
Code: Select all
    // 9.
    // If set, CMS will cache generated pages and serve them if possible.
    define( 'K_USE_CACHE', 0 );

It is probably a good idea to turn the cache on - change the 0 to 1. If you have parts of the site that you don't want served from cache (e.g. an events listing page that ignores events with a date before 'today') you can stop caching on an individual template with this tag
Code: Select all
<cms:no_cache />

Thank you!
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