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I am using the tagging method described here i.e. using an editable region -
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<cms:editable name='tags' type='relation' masterpage='tags.php' label='Tags'  />
to allow selection of tags related to a cloned page.

In my client's use case there is a large number of tags plus checkboxes shown in a listbox in the Admin Panel for a cloned page - with scrollbar. Is there a way of organising the tags into a grid? I've seen that Bootstrap can be used for organising editable fields - but is there a way to organise the list of tags embedded?
Is there a way of organising the tags into a grid?

Not at the moment, I'm afraid.
If the number of tags is large, perhaps you could try using the 'advanced GUI' for relations -

Would it help?
aha, thought I'd seen something along these lines - so much has happened to Couch in my short time away! Love that feature - may not be quite right for this particular case, but note to self made for future reference - thanks!
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