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I try to install couchCMS and when I try to login to admin panel, the page shows as plain text not as html.

I edited the couch/index.php file on line 65
header( 'Content-Type: '.$FUNCS->route_content_type.'; charset='.K_CHARSET );
header( 'Content-Type: text/html; charset='.K_CHARSET );

Is there any method to resolve this issue as I find my method is not a good solution?
Thank you for the heads-up.
This condition will be hit only when there are no registered templates in the admin-panel (but, apparently, not in all browsers which made it elusive).

To correct it, undo the change you made to couch/index.php and instead please try changing the following (#line 93) in 'couch/functions.php' from -
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var $route_content_type = '';

- to make it as follows -
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var $route_content_type = 'text/html';

Please let me know if this corrects the bug and I'll commit the change to GitHub.

Its working now.
Thank you very much :D
Thanks for the confirmation. I'll commit the change now.
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