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Hi guys,
I want to have my page sorted by subfolders, f.e.,

When I started with homepage, setting it to Couch CMS, it was OK. After I add php script to top and bottom of code, it has been add to Admin panel.

But when I add this script to another page, in another folder and then I try to show it in my browser, there was an ERROR 500. After I deleted the php script from the code, the page was ready.

Do you know, where can be problem?

Thank you

When a Couch managed template is placed within sub-folder(s) (as opposed to being right in the root), the top PHP statement requires tweaking a little to reflect this change.

The following two posts by me that illustrate with examples what needs to be done -

Please make the suggested modification and let me know if that helps.
If not, I suggest you take a look at your web-server's error log that should give you the exact cause for the 500 error.
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