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Hi all, hope you all fine.

can anyone help with how to define the <cms:send_mail> tag to be able to send to multiple emails and also be able to CC and BCC multiple emails.

Thank You as you try to help.

As shown in the docs (, you may place multiple email addresses separated by comma in the 'to', 'cc' and 'bcc' parameters to send the email to multiple recipients.

Hope this helps.
Thanks KK,

I figured it out with the explanation in the tags references.

One more thing KK, the output of the email is always stripped off any HTML code or CSS styling. This makes the mail output disorganized and boring to read.

I have been deploying email templates which comes out stripped off all HTML codes and CSS styling within the <cms:send_mail /> for my checkout and contact page but I always received non-styled or arranged output.

How can one ensure inline CSS styles is not stripped from emails as I think this is caused by couch.

Any suggestion?
It is mentioned in the same docs -
please use the 'html' parameter to allow HTML tags in the mail body e.g.
<cms:send_mail html='1'

If you need more features in the mail, please see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10750

Hope it helps.
Thanks KK,

I apologize for not paying attention to the minutest detail.

Thank you for understanding
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