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I need help with a simple trick. I want to be able to display in my cart page the number of items already added onto the shopping cart.

How can I do that?

Below is the code I was able to come up with, but it only output '1' as the count despite more than one entries made

Code: Select all

         <cms:set item_count='0' 'global' />

         <cms:repeat count='1' startcount='0' >
                  <td >
                                                      <------  entries ------->
      <cms:incr item_count />


I am sorry but I couldn't completely understand your question.
If you wish to list out all the items contained in the cart, you can use the <cms:pp_cart_items> .. </cms:pp_cart_items> loop.
If, however, you wish to only display the count of items in cart, you can use the <cms:pp_count_items /> tag.
Both are shown in the docs at ... cart-items.

Please let me know on more detail if it is another use-case you are searching the solution for.
Thanks KK,

I have sorted it out using the same <cms:pp_count_items /> tag just after I posted this.

Thank you once again
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