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Hello, I have blog.php temple for my page view and then blog-list.html for my list view. I now want to have an archive view, do I create a new html(archive-view.html) to handle archives or is there a way to modify the blog-list.html so it can show archives for a particular period without having to create a new html file? Thank you

Archives are a form of list-view so you may, if you wish, use the same blog-list.html you are using for the other listings.
Alternatively, if the listing format is too different, you may use a separate snippet.

Please see for details. The last point in there discusses a 'unified' method of listing pages for all the views.

Hope this helps.
Thanks KK, your reply helped a lot. I however have another pressing issue: I was able to create a tag cloud for each blog post on page view by following a tutorial I found on this forum. On the list view page I want to show those tag clouds under each list item, can’t seem to find my way around
Never mind KK, I was able to do it. Thanks a lot
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