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Can one have both create and edit databound forms inside a clonable template [text.php]?

Something like this:
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<cms:form masterpage='test.php' mode='create' enctype='multipart/form-data' method='post' anchor='0' >

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<cms:form masterpage=k_template_name mode='edit' enctype='multipart/form-data' page_id=k_page_id method='post' anchor='0' >

I remember trying it once but the edit form was not working if I had both forms while each form, if loaded on its own worked nice. Is there some kind of restriction or conflict having both there at once ? I will try to recreate the issue tonight when I get at the office.
How is it that every time after I take the time to write a question, I come up with the answer myself? :lol:

The issue is that while I was using
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 <?php include_once("edit.php") ?>
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<?php include_once("ask_test.php") ?>
to add my forms and keep my files clean, I didn't realize that I was using setting
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<cms:set submit_success="<cms:get_flash 'submit_success' />" />

Don't do that :lol: It will mess everything up. Once is enough for both forms.
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