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I am using a snippet to dynamically populate a dropdown in the admin panel:

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Please Select=-
<cms:pages masterpage="contracts.php" >
   | <cms:show k_page_title />

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<cms:editable name="support_service" label="Service" opt_values='contracts.htm' dynamic='opt_values' type='dropdown' order='2'/>

For now everything works as expected, the dropdown has all the records from the contracts.php and I can select and save from the admin panel. The issue comes when I create a data-bound form to create pages.

The input from the form:
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                      <label for="support_service">Service</label>
                        <cms:input type="bound" name="support_service"/>

I can see all the records from contacts.php inside a select tag in my form but when I select something and proceed to submit, that dropdown remains with Please Select in the newly created page.

PS: I have other input fields in my dropdown, all working as expected. The only issue is with this one.
Apparently I had to add trust_mode='1' to my input. :?:
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