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I recently updated from v1.4 to v2.0 and since then I noticed that two of my templates 'cannot be found'. This happens when I click on the template and try to edit the content, the actual webpage loads fine but it does not in the admin panel. My client manages these and we are not sure if the update actually affected this. I checked my code, the config file, I have been reading the forms for hours and cannot find a solution. The other templates work fine except for two and the pages are different but identical in the use of editable regions, I used richtext types for everything, no caps, spaces, numbers, etc. I also am on PHP version 7.1 but have tested it between all the versions from 5.4 and it makes no difference.



I tested and found that Couch was having problem was the '&' character in the two templates you mentioned.

I have tried to fix the issue and have pushed the commit to GitHub.
Could you please download GitHub version ( and upgrade to it?
That should resolve the issue.

Do let me know how it goes.


It did indeed resolve the issue, I really appreciate it!
You are welcome :)
Thanks for confirming that the fix works.
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