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thanks for your cms, it's an awesome tool!
However after I updated to the latest version of couch the backend/admin panel of my website is having some problems.

On some templates, if I want to change something in the admin panel I get the following error:

ERROR: Tag "input" 'name' contains invalid characters. (Only lowercase[a-z], numerals[0-9] hyphen and underscore permitted

So I looked at the source code of my templates and changed all of the "name=..." statements in couch tags to contain only lowercase letters. I revisited the page as super-admin and I checked in the database via phpMyAdmin that the name attributes have indeed changed to only contain lowercase letters.
However if I try to click on the template in the admin panel, I still get the same error message.

I looked through this forum and found one thread, where a user had a similar problem and his solution was to delete the template and then re-add it. This is not an option for me because all of the content I have already added to this template over the last vear would be lost, if I delete it.

So is there a way to make couch realize that all of the names are legal again, other than deleting and readding the template?

Thanks in advance

Hi Fabian,

From the error message, it appears the problem lies with the <cms:input .. tag so you should try zeroing in on only all instances of this tag on the problem template.

If you still can't find it, please feel free to post the template code here (or PM me the template if you so wish), I'll take a look at it.
Just make sure the following. None of the "name=" contains:
1. Capital Alphabets
WRONG: <cms:editable name="myEditable" type="text" />
CORRECT: <cms:editable name="myeditable" type="text" />

2. Space (in between or at start or end)
WRONG: <cms:editable name="my editable" type="text" />
CORRECT: <cms:editable name="my_editable" type="text" /> (use underscore instead)

If these don't work, please share template code, as suggested by @KK Sir.

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