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Good day,

I've been using Couch for a little while and it is absolutely great. However I've been having issues with a site hosted on 000webhost.

1. After configuring everything, I'm able to create an admin account and prompted with successful installation, please log in.
2. Upon logging in, just throws HTML out instead of the actual admin page.
3. I've tried my best to ensure no BOM issues are happening with any UTF8 encoding
4. After seeing this thread (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10954&p=28118&hilit=000webhost#p28118) I also searched the code for any injected 000webhost code but could not find anything.
5. I also tried creating a template home.php with the appropriate couch code, however it still does not load a functional admin panel.
6. I've also tried some other arbitrary options like changing the PHP version, clearing my browser cache and using a different browser, etc etc.

What else can I attempt to do to try and resolve this issue? I've tried a few other CMS options on the same server, and while they do work, they don't offer the exact features that I require like Couch offers and as such I would prefer to get couch working on this server instead.

Thanks in advance!

You seem to have covered pretty much all the problem points I am aware of.

PM me the FTP+Couch access creds to your site and I'll try to take a look at what could be new.
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