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I setup CouchCMS and added a single page to edit as super-admin. All worked great. Then I created an authorized user for my client to use and when I login as that user, the admin page is completely blank white page. Inspecting it shows no HTML code (outside of head and body tags) and I don't see any Apache errors. Strange thing is it occurs both on my local install (vagrant standard scotchbox install) and on my dreamhost web server. Once the white page is up, i can no longer log out or access any admin pages.

I can then login via an Incognito Window, but only as the super admin. If I try to login as the user account, it goes right back to the blank page.

Any ideas?

Hi Gary,

I'll have to take a look at the site to know anything about the cause.
If you wish you may PM me the Couch + FTP creds for the site and I'll do that.
@KK, Isn't it the same thing that was recently resolved in latest commit 'Change render layer's init sequence' on GitHub?
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You are right, @trendoman. Thanks for reminding me of that :)

@gleatherman, please download and use the latest build from
Do let me know if that solves the problem.
Yep! That fixed it. Thanks gents
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