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I started looking into the CouchCart tutorials as I'm working on a feature that allows buyers to choose multiple versions of the same product. Before this I used the paypal_button and paypal_processor for single item purchases which, after a successful transaction, allowed me to receive an IPN from PayPal so I could process in the background things like: send an email to the address provided by PP with a download link (for digital goods), create an invoice, update the product's info (like purchase count), etc.

It seems that I cannot do this with CouchCart? I would assume that in the background this would be the same process as the paypal_processor. I hope I missed something from the tutorials or if it's something really obvious that I should already know :D

I ma sorry but for now the cart does not support receiving IPN (because multiple products are involved and we'll need an 'order' to associate with the IPN - something we don't have out-of-the-box).

For now, the cart would be more suited for physical products instead of digital downloadable ones.
Hi KK, thanks for your reply!

So is there currently a way to have single item purchases (using PP processor or CouchCart) but with more than one version?

What I'm trying to achieve is selling a software that has 2 versions: regular and extended license, which of course have different prices. If not, could you please suggest a good way to implement it? :) Maybe there's a way to dynamically change the pp_price that is sent to the PayPal IPN?
I can only provide you with some pointers (as opposed to concrete code) -

Try creating each variant (e.g. regular and extended_license) as a separate product - i.e. each has a cloned page of its own (which translates to each having its own page_id and pp_price).

On the front-end you can club together the two products to show a unified version (render buttons for both products but keep one of them hidden) with a dropdown allowing the selection of versions. Hook some JS to the dropdown to display the button associated with the selected version and that would be it.

As a tip, please take a look at the code generated by the paypal_button - it is basically a FORM with values fetched from the cloned pages. The two important values in the form are the page_id and pp_price I mentioned above. So you may, if need be, hand craft the form and then use JS to switch the id and price before submission.

Hope it helps.
Hi KK,

Yes, that's a nice solution :) thanks.

But I was wondering if you have some more features regarding e-commerce in your roadmap.
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