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Recently my site main page says "Page not found" whereas the other pages are working. Do you know if this is something I can fix? Its something that just occured and I haven't done any changes to the site. - shows "Page not Found" - shows page alright

'Page not found' message is displayed when user requested some page that doesn't exist or is unpublished. Such general explanation doesn't help much though, especially since the main 'index.php' is a clonable template.

Somehow it appeared to be a cache issue. I still had server creds saved in my ftp software, so I logged in and cleaned directory /couch/cache and things started to work fine immediately.

@KK, home-view of the index.php template had a simple redirect to a folder view:
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    <cms:set destination="<cms:link masterpage='index.php' folder='design' />" />
    <cms:if k_is_home >
      <cms:redirect destination permanently='1' />

I honestly do not see how cache could become an issue here. Do you?
Hi Trendoman, not quite sure what you mean by "I logged in and cleaned directory /couch/cache". Strange thing is without having done anything my home page now returns a 502 bad gateway. Whereas my /design page is still loads alright.
Everything works just fine. Must be your local internet connection issue.
Test link: ...
@trendoman, yes it is difficult to see how or why the cache would cause the issue.

Anyway, I think you may safely disable the cache altogether - the difference in performance would be imperceptible if the site is not taking in a high volume of traffic.
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