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Hello all,

Is there a way to enable the blog comments to be replied to, instead of just creating new entries under the original post? I'm looking for a nested solution, where you can see the trail by the replies indenting a bit.

I looked through the documentation but didn't see anything, maybe I missed it?

Thanks in advance!
You didn't miss anything. Comment trees are not available with stock functionality.

With some effort with nested pages and relation it should be possible.
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Hi Cheesypoof, sorry to bother you. I've pretty much got this to how I want, but I can't figure out how to make my new comments page look like the one that comes stock. My elements are all over the place. Plus all my comments are auto approved, not sure how to change that. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help on this as always :)


I'm afraid that solution predated the overhaul of the admin panel. As such, the admin panel rendering would need to be completely redone. I however no longer have the capacity to contribute such an update.

You might try overriding the rendering of the admin page by copying and updating the system theme snippets related to comments.

Within the comment form is a check of the user access level - super-admin comments are auto-approved.
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