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Hello again,

So, I've got everything working with EXIF.js, but I ran into a minor issue that you may be able to help me with.

On exif.js, there is only a tag for DateTime, but I would like to show only the date. How would I parse the Date and Time variable to only show the date? Additionally how could I get the format of the date reworked to look like this 09-30-2016.

Currently looks like: 2016:09:30 10:47:55
Only Date: 2016:09:30
Desired Format for Date: 09-30-2016

I understand this isn't exactly a couch related question but you were a big help last time and thought maybe you would know what to do. Thanks again!
Hi :)

That is a JS issue.
My JS skill is pretty limited but I think you can either use the built-in 'Date' object ( ... jects/Date) or an external library (e.g. to format the date to your liking.

Perhaps someone better skilled in JS would care to chip in?
Found a solution to this. Thanks!
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