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I have a richtext field, in which I want to be able to enter for example the HTML entity for the fraction half, which is '½'. I switch to source view, enter it, switch back to normal view, and the half symbol is showing as it should. When I click the Save button, though, it changes, and I see ½ actually showing up in my rich text. Switching to source view, I see that Couch has escaped the ampersand, so what is in the source is now '½'. Elsewhere, though, '“' is being saved OK, so it must be to do with certain entities. How can I prevent Couch kicking in and changing these?
Yes, I could replicate the issue.
Please give me some time and I'll see what could be done to sort it.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I have the same problem. Our customers can change their profiles. If a company name has an ampersand (&) in it, it is saved as '&'.

Any solution?

@olliwalli, your's is a different issue. Please use the version of Couch available from GitHub as that has a fix for the problem you mentioned.

Hope this helps.
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