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I have just tried out an upgrade to version 2.0, which has largely gone very smoothly. One area where I have a problem, though, is with DataBound Forms. I have a number of cloneable templates where I have used DataBound Forms to allow me to display different fields in the listing screen in the admin panel, not just Date. After the upgrade to 2.0, these listing screens do not display correctly - the pagination buttons are missing, and the fonts and spacing are wrong. I've attached part of a screenshot.

Sreenshot of problem
Capture.PNG (58.17 KiB) Viewed 244 times

Any ideas what this might be? It seems to me as if it might be a CSS issue but I'm not sure how to correct it.
While I'd like to know what the issue was, in effect I've solved the problem by dispensing with data bound forms for the templates in question and just using the new much greater flexibility of formatting for the admin panel which version 2.0 allows. It's a big improvement - thanks!
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