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Hi @KK,

Can some folders in a template with 'dynamic_folders' be un-delete-able?
Ideally, it would be achieved through declaring <cms:folder /> in 'cms:template' block. Alternatively, while that is not possible, through some hook, maybe?

I intend to keep folders 'public' and 'default' no matter what action is available in 'Manage folders' section.
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Hi, this was easy to solve after I gave it another minute.
I 'themed' a snippet 'content_list_inner_folders.html' and added there
exclude = 'public, default'

Code: Select all

            masterpage            = k_template_name
            orderby               = k_selected_orderby
            order                 = k_selected_order
            hierarchical          = '1'
            include_custom_fields = '1'
            paginate              = '1'
            limit                 = k_selected_limit
            base_link             = k_route_link
            exclude               = 'public, default'

Thanks, @KK, for such an easy way to quickly tweak backend in CouchCMS 2.0 and to @tim for inspiration :)
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Free support is never free.. Donate!
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