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I totally agree with you there, @trendoman.
I merely wanted to correct the MySQL limit observation.

Now that clonable pages can be sorted up/down manually, they'd be the best way of handling use-cases demanding a large number of rows.
Thanks @KK and @trendoman! I'll let you know how it turns out! :D
As it happens, I am also working on a google map with markers page. Markers are dynamically loaded from backend and dynamically displayed. I have to expand it further to add filters, so I could display locations from a certain country, city or, perhaps, rating.
Sounds challenging! Luckily my markers are pretty straight forward and simple. Im using leaflet's marker cluster which is pretty sweet when you have over 200 markers on one map!
Thank you so much for the time you guys are putting in to solving my issue!

So I tried both methods and im still not able to save any more rows in my repeatable region.. or i should say my 2nd repeatable region thanks to trendoman's method, which seems to be working (except for the fact that i cant save any rows in the new region :( )

I also tried adding a .php.ini file to the root folder with updated file limits, but im not having any luck there either. Below are the values I used.
Code: Select all
post_max_size = 64M
max_input_vars = 5000

Im not sure what to do next. Any thoughts?
Huzzah! Seems like adding a .user.ini file with the expanded file limits solved the issue! Thanks guys :D
I just got an idea thought - each repeatable region could be placed on a separate clonable page. This way form would work and number of regions could be dynamically changed - by adding another cloned page.
Makes sense, but would that mean multiple "Location Map" items in the admin sidebar?
cjcort wrote: Makes sense, but would that mean multiple "Location Map" items in the admin sidebar?

No. In sidebar would be only the title of the template, "Location Map". List of cloned pages usually appear in the right side of the screen.
Sweet, I'll give that a shot! Thanks!
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