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I am getting an error on one of the couch v1.4 installations that says:
[Error] File: id=p1bodtk6ka1f6a1ut1u51l2ffa44, name=media.jpg, size=290568, loaded=290568, percent=100, status=DONE Info: response=Could not successfully run query: Table './judygittelsohn/jg_couch_fulltext' is marked as crashed and should be repaired, status=200

The system admin informed me that the site had been altered due to malicious activity. I wanted to confirm that here and also figure out the best way to restore it to working functionality without loosing data. We have currently lost access to the database, will updating the couch version work? There is no database migration needed for upgrading from couch 1.4 to 2.x correct?

Updating Couch would again require a working database connection (which, as you reported, is not available). So, this is not likely to succeed.

The matter needs to be handled directly at the database level.
Please try using the 'repair' utility of phpMyAdmin (or whatever DB manager you use).

The error message you posted explicitly mentions the 'couch_fulltext' table which happens to be the only MyISAM table used by Couch (rest are all InnoDB which is a more resilient format).
So chances are that the procedure should help.

If not, we'll have to see how much damage has been incurred and perhaps try to recreate the table in question manually.
If the other tables are also lost, unfortunately there would be little to do without a valid backup.

Hope it helps.
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