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I switched from windows to mac a few days ago. Looking for a local server solution, I found out that most people use MAMP.

But i just can't connect to the database when installing Couch. Sometimes I get the error message "could not connect to the database", but most of the time I just get a blank page.

I tried many different solutions, adding mysql port number to localhost in config file, etc.

After googling a bit, it seems that this is something with MAMP, not with Couch, but I still can't find a solution.

Can someone who has successfully installed Couch on MAMP help me? :D :?:

p.s. I installed Wordpress just now easily. Guess it is something with Couch then afterall.
Solved it!! Might be useful to someone experiencing the same problem.

Don't edit config.php file with the default text editor that comes with mac(textEdit). It puts curly braces instead of straight ones.

I used cotEditor(similar to notepad ++ on windows) to edit the file, and I can finally connect to the database and install Couch :D
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