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Dear Couchies,

I am about to start to work on a section of a website, that should contain member list. There are already ca. 100 existing members, that should be searchable by categories such as: name, place, profession. The search should be conducted from a public page, and the search results should be accessible to site visitors. The whole list of members should be accessible only to members. I am still not sure if members should be able to edit their information by themselves, or if only administrator can do that.
And there should be a separate page with a form, for new members to register. But they have to be approved by the administrator.

What is the best approach for this? I looked at DataBoundForms, but I am not sure how should I adapt this to my case?
And - is there a way to somehow import the existing list of members, with the categories? Or should that be done by hand?

Thanks in advance!

What is the best approach for this?

I am not sure there are more than one approach to handle it other than using Relations and Extended Users addon. You may also find Notejam tutorial worthy in some parts.
Hi trendoman,
thanks a lot!! I was obviously on the wrong track on how to do that ! So I'll have to check that Extended User tutorial and the rest you mention...
Thanks again!
Great :) Keep us updated and hopefully, you'll waste no time with forum's help.
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