I found your very nice CMS, which suit for me and looked perfect and was easy to implement to my already done website, other CMS were awful to implement.

I have one question, is there any way to manage database from control page.
I have a single page website, which pretty much runs on index.php and has many different contents and contact form and application form for client cards and all application form data is sent to other database table.

They do work fine. My only need is to get application forms management to Couch CMS so it's easier to have eyes on applications.

I did think to clone user management and write it over to application management to manage MySQL data, but I couldn't understand where it is. I did try your DataBound form, but since I run 1 page website it copies all the editable paragraphs with the form. Ofc I could use phpmyadmin to check the applications but I just thought maybe there's a way.

Where could I find the users management php or how could I get application forms not to bring other useless data with it. Writing over single page tabs to other php files would be thinkable but again its a day work.