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Great work on the new responsive admin area, it earned me much kudos with my clients.

I have declared a richtext editable tag but it is not being displayed in the admin area.

Here is my code:

Code: Select all
<cms:editable name="blog_content"
    custom_toolbar="undo, redo | bold, italic, underline | cut, copy, paste | bulletedlist, numberedlist | source"
    order="8" />

When I inspect the item in the admin area the textarea itself has inline styles visibility: hidden and display: none.

I am not receiving an console errors and so I can only assume that the plugin is functional.

Can anyone offer any help?
Will have to take a first-hand look at the issue to know anything about the reason.
Please PM me the Couch + FTP creds if that is not a problem for you.
I PMd you some creds and then did some digging...

I downloaded all of the site files and ran a comparison with my local copy and found that there were some missing files.


Apologies for any inconvenience.
Hi @KK,

I've recently been doing some work on another of my CouchCMS sites and am struggling to work out which copy of the product I should be using.

I am currently comparing 3 versions of CouchCMS:
There are differences between all three of these; I cannot find any indication of any being point versions ahead. Are you able to briefly explain which version I should be trying to work with?
Hi @shooftie,

The version downloadable from is v2.0.
The version downloadable from GitHub as master is v2.1beta.

Obviously v2.1 has some new features (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11105).
So, if you happen to need those features, go for v2.1 - it has been around long enough to be considered pretty stable.
Else, use the one from

Hope this answers your query.
As always, speedy reply and very helpful.

In order to move to the beta, should I follow the same process as upgrading to v2.0?
Yes, the upgrade process remains exactly the same.
There is an UPGRADE.txt included in the download.
Many thanks.

I'm looking forward to test-driving Mosaic.
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