Did anyone find a way to implement the search input inside the admin panel custom list view?

I have tried adding <cms:search_form msg='Search' /> as the input and the following for the custom list view

Code: Select all
<div id="custom">
                    <cms:search masterpage=k_template_name >
                            <a href="<cms:admin_link />">
                                <cms:show k_search_title />
                    <h1>Nothing foung for : <strong><cms:show k_search_query /></strong></h1>
                  <hr />
            <cms:pages masterpage=k_template_name >
                        <input type="checkbox" value="<cms:show k_page_id />" class="page-selector" name="page-id[]">
                        <a href="<cms:admin_link />" >
                            <cms:show k_page_title />

For now I am using a small jquery code i wrote to search and display on keyup.
Thank you