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Hi all!

So I just had a quick thought: In a Couch template you can set <cms:content_type 'text/css' /> (or various other content types) to make the file appear as that type of content. However, even with this tag set, an HTML comment saying <!-- Generated by CouchCms... --> is placed at the bottom.

Would it be possible to change the comment to CSS style (or whatever content type is set)? So using /* ... */ instead of <!-- ... --> in the case of CSS (And I think JS as well)?

As far as I know, having the HTML style comment shouldn't cause any problem in other types of files, but it'd be a nice addition for standards sake :)
Experiment with enclosing content with abort tag or passing content within a variable to msg parameter of abort. This will fulfill your need to output only content destined for the embedding.

This trick doesn't undermine your completely valid bug request. It just makes it easier to overcome this temporary hurdle if attribution link and corresponding html comment is important for you.

Code: Select all

/** Store the result of snippet code
<cms:capture into='ajax_output' >
   ... your code here

/** Send back to JS only the result stored in variable
<cms:abort msg=ajax_output is_404='0' />

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