Nothing special needed to be done. The code I have mentioned below is the code that needs to be used to give the output.

I suppose that the changes were not picked up by the template earlier on my localhost.


I have an editable region, of type radio.

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<cms:editable name='app_status' label='Application Activation Status' type='radio' opt_values='Inactive=0 | Active=1' opt_selected='0' />

I know to output we will have to use:
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<cms:show app_status />

But i want to output the value 0 or 1 in JSON.

I have tried something like:
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            "appStatus":"<cms:addslashes><cms:show app_status /></cms:addslashes>"

But the output is blank.

How could i output 0 or 1 depending on which option (Inactive or Active) is selected.