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I'm not able to login to the Super Admin account. I've tried resetting the password multiple times and an email never comes through (I've checked spam folders). I've had other users try to reset their passwords and the emails don't work for them either. The reset email has worked in the past.

Any thoughts? Some way I can force reset it or anything?
The reset email has worked in the past.

If you have not upgraded your Couch installation to the newer version, that would mean that nothing has changed with Couch on your site to be breaking previously working functionality.

You'll have to look for factors external to Couch to troubleshoot this issue - one probable reason could be that your host has made changes to your site's configuration and has disabled PHP mail() function used by Couch to send mails.

Please check if you are able to send mail using raw PHP. If not, you'll have to contact your hosting provider.
Hi, I never tested function reset password. For some reason I forgot my pass. When I send request I receive the link for reset, but when i click on the link bring me to the broken (look to me) page where I cant do anything.

screenshot in attachment

In meantime I find my pass, and a try to log in with, but its not worked for me. (because of pass reset?)

Sorry for being noob :roll:


I notice latter when I resolve the problem (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10223&p=28435#p28435) I received a temporary password after couple minutes, so I think that's works fine.

@KK Thanks for fast respond. I will update couch soon.


@rdamir82, while I can see that you have managed to resolve the problem (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10223&p=28435#p28435), I'd like to mention here that the 'broken' page you reported was indeed a bug.

I was fixed a while ago on the version of CouchCMS available from GitHub (
Hi, to all.

How hard is updating from 2.0 from "" to GitHub version?

I don't find the instructions.

My thought: save "snippets" folder and "config.php" file and rewrite all other core files. Update "snippets" folder and "config.php" file.

UPDATE: I try and working ok on my LOCALHOST (CuchCMS ver. 20170114 to 20170729) just copy don't need to backup "snippets" folder and "config.php" file. Anything else to know or do with fresh installation before update my online website?

How hard is updating from 2.0 from "" to GitHub version?

It consists of essentially only copying over the GitHub files to the existing installation.

The GitHub version does not contain any config files (all are named 'config.example.php'), so no danger of losing your existing settings. Similarly, the 'snippets' folder on GitHub is also empty so it shouldn't mess with your existing folder - but you may keep a copy of the original, just in case.

Hope it helps.
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