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I'm using a <cloak_url /> tag to obfuscate the link to the Couch admin panel. It seems to function, but the page that is returned is empty:

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<a class="muted" href="<cms:cloak_url link='' redirect='1' access_level='4' />" target="_blank">Administration</a>

The resulting URL begins like this:

1. Is it strange for a URL cloak to include "couch/download.php" in the obfuscating URL? Or is that part of its normal operation? We're not cloaking a file download link, just a link to Couch's admin panel.

2. I tried changing the access_level to '1' also, as a test. That didn't change anything.

This code is inside a "footer.php" server include. There is no Couch invoke inside the include file because there's one in the larger web page, and -- again -- the cloak_url does seem to be functioning, since an obfuscating URL is successfully created.

The couch/login.php path does exist also. Just double-checked that.

Any thoughts?
From the docs:
If this parameter is set to '1', the user is redirected to the link provided (by issuing a HTTP 302 redirect).
Does this work?

It's 4 years later, and I only just noticed that there was a reply to this original post of mine. At this point, I don't remember what I did to resolve my problem or if I just decided not to use URL cloaking, but your suggestion is appreciated. I'll remember to check into it the next time I have an issue with this.

Belated thanks in advance. (Something like that.)
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