i am trying to create js to reload values on the page its self. It was done in the shopping cart how to. it works fine for price ad quantity. Because the root values are given for example #price = #cart_total. But cart total is not a couch tag. and quantity works because again we have it value of #cart_quantity.

I cant find the list of to update the item quantity. if i use quantity as an id target to be updated it makes them all the cart total quantity as it should do.

also would need the item subtotal variable.

I have setup json version instead works fine, will try and build from there instead but feel i may run into the same problem on the javascript side of things.

I would like to add more variables to be updated:

Code: Select all
function update_summary() {
   var quantity = $('#cart_quantity').text();
   var price = $('#cart_total').text();
   var quantity = $('#item.quantity').text(); //guessing the variable to target, tried many names
   // Update cart totals
   $('.pricesub').html(pricesub); // new variable to update

Thank you