I am setting up the files from the how to for extender users.

Im using couch 2.0. in the kfunctions.php - not all addons are listed in there. are some enabled by default now? or do i need to add the addons dir for everyone that i want to use regardless if they are listed or not in kfunction.php.

Every addon must be registered in kfunctions.php?

Is it ok to make the files lost-password, profile, register etc. into snippers providing i point to them in the config? the place a core file in the root index that calls the snippets to build a page? or am i over using snippets?

Also i f i want to place a login into a drop down menu or a light box pop up do i use the same cms:form commands to build it? or will it not work because it needs to be registered in the config file. If not possible like that would i use iframe or cms:pages to achieve it?