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Hello everybody. A couple of days ago I've found this amazing CMS and I'm enjoying a lot, but now I have a problem...

I created a index.php page, and now I have to create a couple of another pages which I'd like to work in a "folder" system.

I've activeted to make this scheme:


And I would have an index page at "->" (an accessible page with the url " ").

I've activeted the pretty url, and tried to use the "nested pages" to make this scheme, but it didn't work.

I created a page "softwares.php" using this tag:
<cms:template title='Softwares' clonable='1' nested_pages='1' />

But then, every page I create cloning this one, gets with the url "".

So, how can I make an "" index?

I hope I have been able to express myself well, sorry for my bad english.
There are many concepts mixed up in your experiment. Please clarify a bit:

The setup above can be achieved with folder 'softwares' in physical template Each cloned page inside virtual folder will have url as (with pretty-urls enabled 'index' as in index.php will be hidden and not printed in url, because it's a default page in physical directory on server, making only folder be the first after domain name).
Speaking about this setup, will represent home-view of template index.php, would be folder-view, - page-view.

Also the quoted setup above can be achieved with physical template and no virtual folders. Each cloned page of this regular clonable template will again have address
If you create folder in it - it will be like

You can create a physical directory on server /softwares/ and place index.php inside it. So with pretty urls index.php template home-view will be accessed as
and pages

If you want to use nested pages then you can have similar approaches. More details are in docs for nested pages. ... maker.html Notice that if you create index.php in root directory and create page 'softwares' and nest after it another pageA, this time (with pretty-urls) pageA will be without .html in url: The same thing can be achieved by many other approaches.

Good luck with your experiments! :)
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Thank you, you really cleared my mind! ;)
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