HI, what a comical thing happened to me today:

I'm dealing with comments, trying to set up comments listing, but no matter what the comments are not displayed. All I've got is a number of comments and that's it.

I stumbled for a bit and went to throw in a debug: <cms:dump />, right after that displayed number.

No dump strings whatsoever. Nothing.

To make it short, I have a Chrome extention 'Shut Up' and disabling it for a moment showed my comments finally. It is very handy extention, as I can clearly see.

Happy coding ;!

P.S. Does anybody know how to program javascript, so it finds if comments are set to display:none, and if so - throw in an alert to inform user on that extention might prevent comments from showing up? Will code something for you for exchange.
I can't rename all classes and ids, so Shut Up doesn't recognize comment section, I want to respect people like me who don't like seeing comments everywhere.