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Hi, sorry but I have a problem with the email that is generated with the couch form (the user fills out the form and the email of the form filled out by the user arrives).

the email only arrives in code format (I attach screenshot) and I can't understand what I'm forgetting to do/set.
Can I ask you for help?

the site is not online at the moment, it is on a server but pointing is required to see it (ip / file di host).

Best regards



Are you sure you have set the 'html' param to '1'? e.g. as follows -
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<cms:send_mail html='1' 
Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I set this parameter but despite this the email that comes to me from the form is still in code format (you only see the code as per the screenshot sent yesterday). I can't understand where I'm wrong.
Best regards


Please PM me the full code you are using for the email (with embedded snippets if any used).
Thanks for sending me the requested code.
I tested and it is working just fine for me (i.e. I am getting the email in HTML format as expected).

So nothing wrong with the code per se.
Assuming you are not using an ancient version of Couch, the phpmailer addon should be a part of your installation.
I suggest you please try it instead of relying on the native PHP mail and see if this fixes the issue.

To do that, you only need to find the highlighted directive below in your couch/config.php file and change its value from 0 to 1
// 15.
// By default the inbuilt php function 'mail()' is used to deliver messages.
// On certain hosts this function might fail due to configuration problems.
// In such cases, set the following to '1' to use an alternative method (phpMailer) to send emails
define( 'K_USE_ALTERNATIVE_MTA', 0 );

Let me know how it goes.
Hi, Thank you very much!

I set the code in the config.php file to 1 but it doesn't format the email correctly and I can't understand why (you always see all the code).

the php version we are using on the server is 8.3. I also tried using different versions (like 8.0) but there's nothing to do.

What else could be wrong?
Best regards
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