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I have set up a new site with Couch, on a live server in CPanel. As of yet, there are no templates created in the database. Here's the problem I am having:

Because I am starting from zero, my pages (many of which are template pages) contain includes and sections that reference templates not yet created. So when I first visit a page, I get an error like this:

ERROR: Tag "pages": masterpage 'software.php' not found

In my case therefore, do I need to set up separate template pages just for the purpose of entering the template data (and not for actual web viewing)? This is my suspicion but I would just like to confirm that.

And then I can call those templates from my real web site pages?

Thank you.
From time to time we all have a code that is better not executed just yet. Ignore it!
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    <cms:pages masterpage='another.php'>

Thank you, Trendoman.

I think I understand what you mean. Good idea. I will give this a try and report back.

It worked.

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