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I did a clean install of CouchCMS 2.1 in the local MAMP environment (macOS 10.13.6, MAMP 5.2, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7.23 ). I have defined the editable tag for an image like so:
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<cms:editable type="image" show_preview='1' preview_width='150' name="image" label="Image" order="3"/>

When I open the admin panel and try to upload an image to the previously defined editable region by clicking "Browse server" I see the window screenshot of which is attached below. None of the buttons work, meaning nothing seems to happen when I click for example "Upload".

In the browser console, I see errors attached below.

How to fix this?


Appears to be the same problem as discussed here - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11655
Please check if that is so.
All ._ files are removed with (reference):
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dot_clean .

Extended attributes for quarantine are removed with (reference):
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xattr -dr /Directory-name

The issue remains the same.

In devtools sources in Chrome I can see that there is this line still prepended to the beginning of the joiner.php file:
Code: Select all;5bf48e4f;Chrome;10DC5AAD-F1D0-4568-B3DD-B13A89CC5CD0This resource fork intentionally left blank   
Maybe recheck everything (+reboot) as it seems the attribute is still there. Also maybe try the FAT32 USB solution -

I suggest you review what other people did and find the right solution for your mac. then post successful steps here for others.
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I can see that the attribute is still there. Your link provides the exact same information as my previous post excluding the flash drive part usage. By the looks of it is quite a messy hack which just clutters and adds more complexity to the local dev environment. I still hope that there might be a way to achieve this in a "clean" less complicated manner.

Why would only a certain part - joiner.php - of CouchCMS be quarantined by macOS and not the whole thing? Meaning if something is quarantined it should not work at all, but for some reason, only one relatively small part of this does not work.

Why would shadow files create any confusion for CouchCMS? I do not claim to be an expert of any sort but it is my bold assumption that there must be a way to ensure that everything that starts with ._ during the code compilation can be ignored. Is that something considered for 2.2 release?
You quoted the used command (xattr -dr /Directory-name), but it is over a directory. Did you try to apply it directly on the file? Maybe eventually with the right paths you'll have it cleaned up?
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