Hi, KK

In /uploads fodler we have '.thumbs' written in plural. Folders 'images' are also written in plural 99.9% of the time.
The request is to rename autogenerated folder from /uploads/image to /uploads/images.

This way it will be consistent. It will be possible to put all website's images right there in /uploads/images. Users and admins can have option then to see them in kcfinder. It will help not reupload some. Consider scenario of switching 2 images. With current setup it will be necessary to reupload both to /upload/image to use in editable. And the same two will stay left in /images.
This is illustrated also in Aurelius.
img-2016-02-17-14-28-20.png (5.86 KiB) Viewed 1081 times

In order to switch this image with another one, already presented on website, user needs to reupload desired art. What if there is no desired art at hand? Then it requires tedious work to save image from browser or getting to ftp to download it first (or move to /uploads/image).

Please, reconsider current naming. Thank you.