Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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It would be nice everytime a page is registerd new to couch and you go to the Admin page: There is a something like a repeatable with dropdown or similar with all possible editable template tags to choose from, with all it's options. When hitting save this Template is stored and the backend page is created. This template is then stored somewere and can also be used for pages with same content.

I saw that by other cms'es and found this quite usefull. No idea if thats possible in couch too.
This probably can be done now.

Are you familiar with editable type='message'?
You put all couch editable types there and create proper switches/dropdowns/menus etc.
Next, embed a snippet which checks what switches are on.
Then refresh page as super-admin and admin panel has all the editables for you.
Embedding a snippet inside cms:template also works.

Overall interesting idea to play for fun.
Adding to my reply above:
I've put some fast and easy code to show the proof of concept.

Register attached template and see the option 'show settings'.
Once settings are enabled - visit page as super-admin and refresh admin panel too.
You'll see a request to create a text editable. Select 'yes' and again revisit page and refresh admin.
You'll see a new editable, type 'text'. Enter something, save and visit the page - content will be outputed.
'Settings' can stay hidden and text field will be shown as long as it is enabled. Once disabled, couch will ask to delete it from admin panel.

Did this for fun and showed an example. Many more stuff can be incorporated this or other way. The question is why?


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