Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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In lieu of using 'nicedit' inside repeatable regions, would it be possible to have a link, which, when clicked, would pop-up an instance of CKEditor? This would allow full featured richtext editing like non-repeatable fields in couch while still maintaining the table functionality of repeatable regions.
Unfortunately repeatable region is not supported by databound forms. If it was, then path would be like: custom admin screen -> apply inline_edit feature on text field -> store data in repeatable. Maybe this also can be simplified, but this in general looks waaay too complicated to bother.
Could you, please, shed some light on why this question/need does exist at all? Thank you!
I didn't think CKEditor was something provided by data-bound forms. I was only looking for this in the admin interface, not as part of the inline edit feature or any kind of field input.

As for my use case, I have a columns layout, where each column has multiple "blocks" of information, each one varying slightly from the others, however the text of the "blocks" needs to be richtext based. I was hoping to use a clonable template for the columns and then a repeatable region for the different "blocks", but need more functionality than nicedit can provide.

Hope this clarifies my question a bit.
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