Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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Hi, @KK and Couchers,

Couch is already a powerful generator of html pages. We can slice & dice data for these pages, regulate access, build relations ets. Most ContentManagement software should do this. However, Couch not only manages pages - it actually, converts presentation views from View1 to View2 on the fly.

The suggestion is to reflect about this core philosophy. Maybe present a roadmap on what to expect more from Couch about convertions. Would be healthy for CouchCMS 2.0.

Example of such a job is necessary.
See, you can instruct CouchCMS to take some carefully selected pieces of data from editables of managed templates and present them in a UL list. A list of User Names, and their subjects from school. Basically, we say - take this from that and show me in this way in html. The problem arises, when you want to get out of small clothes and step out of the boundaries. Such boundaries usually come in form of html templates. Such a great and powerful CMS is bounded by some underground html/css coder! Nah...

What if you'd like to explore Generating opportunities and say: take this from that and change something on the fly and then show me in the way i need now for this project. Like, take this Huge Table from richtext plugin and do not output by table, instead convert all tr-th-td to DIV! :roll: So, maybe even apply a bit more complex template :idea: . And then, I'm able to manipulate the result arranging it any way, any layout, designer-way. And client is also happy, as he still can operate his mega tables in backoffice.

Yes, in some years, as CSS advances, you would change your Presentational Template, and Regenerate absolutely new looking pages with new looking data. Can Couch still be a powerful data manipulator? Yes. Could Couch be effective in Views manipulations? Definitely. Would it be so? Who knows :)

Happy Couching! :lol:
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I pretty much agree with you about the fact that We are all in Love with Couch just as you are.

What I love most about Couch is the Retrofitting capability... And with this capability, if there is a guided stuff of doing things, it would be even better. But who will do it, we cant expect @KK sir or @cheesypof to do that, coz then couch development will stop and CouchCMS 2.0 will become a dream...

I suppose that all Couchies who are seeking help on the forum should at least, define their projects and then seek for help. this helps others in understanding the kind of awesome works that couch can do and additional to that, such posts stand as case studies for the others. Along with becoming case studies they can also help point where couch lags and what needs to be done and this way the entire team involved in couch development will know what the next update should have.

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instead convert all tr-th-td to DIV!

Some time ago I came across this:

Maybe it helps.
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