Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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It would be really good to have some ability to reverse actions on the database without the editor having to use PHPMyAdmin.

Transaction level undo would be great but probably a nightmare to implement. I think the easiest way might be to optionally create a full (or, preferably, page level) local backup of the database from the admin panel before editing and then have the option to restore to the last version saved if you mess things up.

Thanks for a great tool.
This would be my biggest request right now. The whole reason I'm implementing this wonderful tool is because I don't trust end users with editing the HTML directly. I'll have a daily backup of all my data, but a way for me as an admin or even the users to rollback changes would put Couch over the top!
I second this.
Btw, if Couch could manage 2 databases (usual and backup), then it would certainly could manage 2 installations for different sites. This is somewhat interesting, even if limited in one domain.

2 installs might also be valuable in one domain for differentiating core operations templates and content management, uploads and other user-related tasks. This can be done now with ease of creating a separate db and a new couch dir.
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I think the easiest way might be to optionally create a full (or, preferably, page level) local backup of the database from the admin panel before editing and then have the option to restore to the last version saved if you mess things up.
Couch has had a 'Create draft' button in 'Advanced settings' dropdown for a long time that, IMHO, does just this (i.e. create reversible, multiple page-level backups).

I was wondering why that feature is not deemed worthy of being considered as a possible solution? Would really like to know the reasons.
Composing a draft is a conscious decision by a user saying "I am going to start this but I am not ready to publish it yet". That's what Draft means. I suspect that would account for a small percentage of updates on my system. I would more typically expect a scenario where one of my end users wants to change a picture because they found a new one they like better on yahoo. They click edit and do things in CKEditor that would make a child cry and then hit save. When the page reloads all they have is 5 copies of the same picture and all their text is gone! Oh God, what have I done?! Call Scott! How do I get it back?!

Furthermore, I'm using inline editing as much as possible (because it's a really neat feature) so my users don't have to be bothered with finding what they need to edit in the admin panel. As far as I can tell, this completely excludes the draft-as-backup solution you suggest.
I've played around with the draft feature a bit and though it hasn't changed my opinion above, I do have a bit of feedback. My users will likely avoid anything that says "Advanced Settings". I would prefer if there was a simple "Save as draft" button by the existing "Save" and "View" buttons. Perhaps even "Save as Draft", "Save and Publish" and "View Page" would be more appropriate (I initially thought "view" was a preview of the changes).

I think this would hugely increase the usage of the draft feature. But I want to reiterate that it is not a substitute for versioning.

Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the feedback, @scottbeeson.

Perhaps the arrangement closer to what you desire would be as follows -
Every time a user hits save on any page, a copy of that page with its previous values gets saved automatically as a backup (we can, perhaps, have 5 such last backups). This then should be coupled with granting the user a way to rollback to any of the previous backups.

Would that suffice? Please let me know.
That would be AWESOME.


- Instead of per "page" as you suggest, can it be per field?
- Can the limit of 5 be customizable?
- I trust your interface design skills based on the rest of Couch, but I'd want to be sure we could restore by date/time and not just a difficult-to-read list of content.

edit: apparently I forgot how to use bbcode lists.
This is impractical. And too much hassle.

Pls, consider this unobtrusive scenario: Every time a user logins to admin panel, Couch calls gen_dump.php. Rework this thing to autocreate a dir, and put dumps to that dir. Also, at the same time, archive php, js, css, , html files from the site dir and snippets folder.

Maybe you too have such an experience of backups. 1) never knows is it reliable backup 2) restore failes so many time so it's better to reinstall from grounds 3) too much hassle.

People must pay for deeds. It should be only the ability to restore, by reinstall from dump. Everything will be restored, but next time you think twice.

All those buttons - urghh... We love Couch for cleannes. Please. Don't let the girl eat too much..
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Buenos dias,

I develop a site in local environment. Then send updated templates to my temp domain, so the client can add info and pages there.

I want a clean solution to sync (update) database from domain to local installation. Now, this is VERY practical and much needed.
I adore gen_dump.php, if only it could work without reinstall. :|
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