Just throwing this out there to see what the consensus is, note I have never tried or have experience making command line tools.

I came across Silversmith for Silverstripe, it's a cool CLI tool that lets you create "Fixtures" (Pages + Fields) and seed dummy data.

I was wondering how useful something like that might be for couch to rapidly build out fields and pages.


Make a YAML file that defines the Page Type and Fields, execute the build command and the PHP files are created with the couch fields defined.

The way I tend to build sites with couch is not in keeping with the defining of editable regions on pages but rather:

index.php - this is used to build out the site page tree. I define the basic page content type fields here then conditionally load in a "snippet" template for either the home.tpl or page.tpl

differing templates like 'news' are created as news.php (with my fields) and then again I conditionally load the template based on is_page to show news_article.tpl or news_list.tpl

I often bootstrap builds by having a library of these pages and templates but sometimes have to add fields, remove some etc so been able to define them all in a YAML then execute a build it could create all the .php field definition pages and the associated .tpl templates (with the fields lumped in for basic output prior to styling).

I'm Interested to hear thoughts form the community.