For them who use Twitter and facebook you'll know.

I have created a social site using the members module. This site will allow racing drivers and racing companies to post content. They have their own profile, create their own status update and share their own photos. the thing is when you register it'll show the content of everyone who's uploaded. What my idea would be, is to create a follow button on a members profile, so within the feed page that shows everything all members have created will only show the members you are following. Rather than showing all the content. I'm unsure how complex this would be, if at all possible.

So what would happen is you would go to the members profile, and follow that member. Then when you are reading lets say newsfeed page it'll only show content of that member you have followed. So if you have followed multiple members it'll show all the members you have followed. However i would want to allow members to unfollow someone if they wish.

Ideas guys, what would you suggest?