Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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What I'd like to be able to do is allow my Clients to easily set the excerpt length.
Although setting a character limit works most times, it would be great if clients could override that with a <more> tag (or something similar).

Is there any way of doing this on a post by post basis, but falling back to the character limit if the <more> tag isn't set?


We have the 'excerpt' ( ... cerpt.html) and 'excerptHTML' ( ... thtml.html) tags for creating excerpts but they are meant to be placed into the template by the designer.

The client, as for now, has no easy way of setting the excerpt length. Once the shortcode feature gets implemented in Couch it'd be trivial to do so by just typing in [more] (or anything set by the person creating the shortcode) in the editable region.

For now, however, the only work around is creating a second editable region and asking the client to manually paste into it the part of his original content that he wishes to serve as an excerpt.
Thanks KK
I'll try out that method with the second editable region.

Any idea of when the shortcode feature will be implemented or is it on the ever growing to do list.

Thanks for the quick replay mate

You are welcome.

The todo list keeps getting shorter from the bottom as we introduce new features with each release, however equal number of feature requests get added in the meanwhile :) I suppose that is how a piece of software develops.

The shortcode feature will have to wait for a while because it will depend on some serious overhauling of Couch to allow the planned plugin/hooks architecture.
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