Do you have some feature in mind that you'd love to see in Couch? Let us know.
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I am just wondering is that possible that the system can be developed in responsive layout?

I think this could be a great featured for this system as tablet and smartphone are being popular now. Responsive layout can make user update their content easily.

I got few ideas that you may take a look:

For responsive table, you may refer to this: ... onsive.php

For upload the image, is it possible to make it like this: ... =thumbnail. As sometimes we might need to crop a different view of the image or to prevent the part we want to be cropped.

by the way, this CMS is awesome, plan on purchase it. Please keep working on it.
Hello and welcome, nsy :)

The upcoming version of Couch features a responsive admin-panel - you can see some details at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7451

As for the image cropping you mentioned, as it happens, this very plugin is what I had in mind :)
I am waiting for the admin-panel to switch over to JQuery from the current MooTools. Once that happens (i.e. the next version of Couch), I'll definitely try to create an addon using the JCrop plugin.
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