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I am using couchcms for past one year. My client needs s gravatar image to be uploaded by super admin when adding different types of user. Is it possible to do this functionality in couch, if so please reply me soon with example links.

Hi Jagan,

If you really meant the 'Gravatar' (the 'global avatar' available on the web - as opposed to a locally uploaded image), you can use the cms:gravatar tag with 'k_user_email' variable that contains the logged-in user's email -
Code: Select all
<cms:gravatar email=k_user_email size="60" />

Please see ... vatar.html for details.

Hope this helps.
sorry kk,
My client is asking for image upload functionality when adding different user.. Now he no need gravatar image...
That, I'm afraid, is not possible in the current version.
The next version due for release very soon, however, will have this functionality.
ok, thanks kk..
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